The Hollow

 It began simply as any other moment. Empty
 Space ready to be filled. Lungs paused on the inhalation-
 An Invitation to feed oxygen into my voice. Spirit
 Wove attraction; ethereal particles spinning in
 Cyclone to the magnet of my EYE. A calm scene- serene 
 Syllables effortlessly escape. Endless rehearsals
 Render all motion as automatic as professionals play.
 The message in me has dulled from countless repetition. But
 Audience gathers seeds of the story and feeds it a life. A kerosene
 Wick soaked through transference of parallel memory.
 ‘I went out the hazel wood, Because a fire
 Was in my head’ and there we extinguished
 The blaze of emotion HE bled from our smiles. 

Written from a prompt given from Dverse challenge on 2/15/2020

5 thoughts on “The Hollow

  1. Thank you for joining us for Prosery, Erica, with an engaging piece. I like the way you filled the empty space with a story with a sci-fi feel to it, and I love the idea that an audience ‘gathers seeds of the story and feeds it a life’.

    Liked by 1 person

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